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Dear Bright Future Club Members,


We are thrilled to welcome you to the Bright Future Club Community Gathering, next Friday, on November 24th in Cologne, Germany.  Here we will share some practical information and preparation for our gathering. 


Everyone: Until we meet we would like to invite everyone to find 30 min in their week for some personal reflection. Find a comfy chair, put on some soothing music, brew your favorite hot drink, and take some time to relax while gazing out on the horizon. Feel free to let your thoughts gravitate towards any of these questions below that most ignite your imagination about the future. 


We invite you to Imagine you're standing in the year 2034, right now... 


Where are you? How does the world look like around you, and how does it feel? How does it work, and why? Consider the environment, technology, society, and political life. What kinds of changes do you notice around you in this future? Any surprises or unexpected elements you encounter in this future. What has evolved in ways you didn’t anticipate? Think about the communities and relationships in this future. How do people interact, collaborate, and support each other? Ponder about your own feelings and emotions in this future setting. What brings you joy, hope, or concern in this envisioned future? Think about the values and principles that seem to guide decisions and actions in this future world. How do they align with your current values?


There's no obligation to document your thoughts, but you're welcome to if you wish. These reflections will play a key role in our upcoming discussions.


For the founder teams: The Open Space Technology segment on Saturday morning offers a 30-minute opportunity for each founding team to lead discussions on vital challenges and topics you are facing. We invite you to prepare three engaging questions to spark in-depth conversations and to harness the collective wisdom of your peers with the goal of supporting your enterprise with whatever you need most.


Location: Address: “Am Schulberg 31, Köln, Nordrhein-Westfalen 50858, Deutschland” See our beautiful house for the weekend here. (Check-out Sunday, 11:00 (Latest 12:00))


Arrival Friday: We aim to start the workshop at 10:00, so please plan to arrive at the house between 09-10. For those coming later, the next best point to arrive would be at 12 when we start the main part of the workshop after lunch. If you come later, we will catch you up. 


Sleeping Arrangements: We are co-living during the weekend and there are multiple rooms that we can split among all members. We will figure out how to distribute the rooms on Friday. No need to bring any linen etc for sleeping as its all included.


Food: There will be a delicious lunch, snacks and dinner served on Friday. On Saturday we will form an ad-hoc co-created breakfast / lunch team. Those who volunteer are heartedly welcomed! To make it awesome for all, we're suggesting a voluntary contribution of 25€ per person via PayPal to:


What to bring: 

  • Notebook and Pen: Capture your thoughts, ideas, action points and insights during the workshops and discussions.

  • Comfortable Clothing: Wear something that allows you to move freely and comfortably, suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities.

  • A Personal object for the Community Circle: Bring a small object/item that you feel represents your journey or aspirations towards a bright future, to contribute to our circle.

  • An Open Mind: Come prepared to engage, learn, and share with your fellow community members. Last but not least, bring your enthusiasm and energy about a Bright Future.
    Towel and Toilettries: Bring towels and  toilettries. 

  • Water Bottle: Stay hydrated throughout the day.


Friday Agenda:

09:00 - 10:00 

  • Arrival, landing in the space and settling into your rooms.


10:00 - 17:00:

  • Welcome: Setting the tone for our day, building excitement, and contextualizing our activities.

  • Check-In: A space for you to share your thoughts and feelings, helping us tailor the experience to your needs.

  • Lunch: A nourishing meal to recharge and socialize with your community.

  • Vision: Articulating and refining our collective vision for the future.

  • Complexity Games: Tackling a simulated complex challenge, followed by a reflection on team dynamics.

  • Check-Out: Sharing insights, takeaways, and discussing next steps.


18:00 - 21:00:

  • Sound Bath: Transitioning from a cognitive day to a more embodied experience.

  • Community Dinner: Conscious eating and deepening connections.

  • Closing Ritual: Acknowledging our shared experiences and the connections we've forged.


Saturday Agenda:

09:00 - 11:00 ish:


Stay connected and share any thoughts, ideas, or questions through our WhatsApp group, where updates regarding the workshop will be announced.


We look forward to your participation in what promises to be a transformative day of collaboration, innovation, and community. Your presence is a vital thread in this tapestry of our collective advancement. Let’s build a future that shines.


Warm regards,

Bright Future Club Hosting Team

Niklas, Fae, Lisa-Marie, Magdalena and Robin


Welcome to the Bright Future Club Community Gathering - November 24th

The Communith Gathering Hosts

  • LinkedIn

Robin T. Sverd, a facilitator with over 15 years of experience in human cooperation and organizational resilience, has a rich background in improvisational theater, leadership development through Future Leaders Global, and facilitating self-organized Burning Man communities. Currently leading Thrivbe, Robin focuses on digital collaboration and co-creation, aiming to achieve global Sustainability Goals and fostering thriving communities for a better future.

Robin T. Sverd

  • Instagram

Lisa-Marie is a singer based in Germany. She is dedicated to working with sound in various forms. In her live improvisations, concerts and sound journeys, she not only tunes instruments, but souls and harmonizes people as well as notes. She also helps people to develop their authentic voice with her voice workshops.


  • Instagram

Magdalena is a mother and companion for people who want to follow the path of physical cleansing and healing through the power of nature and the activation of the body's own self-regeneration. The body is our first home and our quality of life is determined solely by our own body feeling. It is the body itself that lets us experience feelings and liveliness.
Each person decides for themselves whether the phase between birth and death is a degeneration process or an experience of pure aliveness.
Magdalena is an expert in raw food nutrition and detoxification. She offers one-on-one coaching to help people understand their own body's needs, reflect on self-sabotage patterns, optimize nutrition, and resolve trauma to ultimately experience a deep sense of connection with their own presence and life.


  • Instagram

I'm on a mission to guide people back to their essence, reminding them of their authentic selves. My goal is to help individuals uncover their strengths and discover the unique gifts they bring to the world. I achieve this through a dynamic blend of branding workshops and transformative psychedelic retreats.
In the realm of branding, I lead workshops that go beyond just creating logos and slogans. Together, we embark on a journey to unveil the true colors of identity, exploring what makes each person shine in the world around them. It's not just about marketing; it's about expressing the genuine essence that sets someone apart.
On another wavelength, my psychedelic retreats offer a relaxed space for individuals to delve into their inner landscapes. It's a chilled-out yet profound experience, where self-discovery meets personal empowerment. Picture it as a journey of introspection, guided by the soothing rhythms of life.
So, whether we're crafting vibrant brand identities or exploring the depths of consciousness, my approach is all about trust and authenticity. Let's uncover the richness within you and showcase it to the world in a way that feels genuine and true.



Meet your Community Gathering Facilitator: Robin T. Sverd

For over a decade and a half, Robin has been a luminary in the realm of human cooperation and organizational resilience. With a journey that began in the art scene and improvisational theater world, Robin has mastered the art of co-creating magic from the unknown, turning chaos into a thriving playground for innovation and impactful change.


Trained at the esteemed Kaospilotene, Robin's expertise lies in navigating, building, and leading in chaotic environments. Through Future Leaders Global, Robin hosted 11 leadership development programs, for over 600 participants. Here his role was to nurture the development of conscious leaders who are reshaping our world for the better, through a participatory / servant leadership and distributed organisational framework and philosophy. This journey was further enriched by deep involvement in facilitating self organised Burning Man communities around the world. Which amongst other initiatives Bloom emerged, an NGO focused on societal development through community and culture. 


During the challenges of Covid, Robin pivoted to digital platforms, co-founding to help organizations in Norway master digital collaboration and co-creation. Now, with the launch of Thrivbe, Robin is focusing on facilitating digital, participatory, and co-created events that drive us closer to the global Sustainability Goals and a Net-Zero future.


Robin believes we possess all we need to solve the world's most pressing challenges; what remains is the crucial task of effective coordination and resource allocation. Thrivbe, envisioned as an open-sourced, star trek-level coordination network, aims to be the answer to this critical challenge. Its mission? To support foster thriving tribes and thereby a thriving world for future generations.


About Thrivbe

Thrivbe specializes in fostering thriving and resilient digital communities and catalyzing meaningful collaboration across diverse groups. By integrating cutting-edge digital platforms and human-centric approaches to community fostering, we aim to elevate the capabilities and connections within and between organizations. Our vision is to support one million conscious leaders in fostering a thriving planet for future generations.


Welcome to the Bright Future Club AI Sidekick!

Hello! I'm your AI companion, crafted to support and enrich your experience at the Bright Future Club Community Gathering. As a digital assistant, I offer a blend of convenience and innovation at your fingertips.



  • Event Insights: Get up-to-date information on the event schedule, speakers, and workshops.

  • Participant Support: I can help with RSVPs, participant details, and any logistical questions you might have.

  • Creative Engagement: Seeking inspiration or ideas for the event? I'm here to brainstorm and provide creative suggestions.

  • Interactive Assistance: Whether it's a quick query or in-depth information about the gathering, I'm equipped to assist.

How to Interact with Me:

  1. Subscription Needed: A ChatGPT Plus subscription is required for interaction.

  2. Simple Access: Click on the button underneath and start our conversation.

  3. Ask Questions: From logistics to creative ideas about the event, feel free to ask anything.

  4. Stay Informed and Inspired: Use me as your go-to source for all things related to the Bright Future Club event.

Your Digital Guide:

As we journey towards a successful and memorable community gathering, let me be your guide. Utilize my capabilities to enhance your event experience, ensuring you're well-informed and creatively inspired!


Open Sourced Workshop Space Section

Welcome to our digital Co-Creation Space and Source of Truth(S.O.T), designed to foster our collective creativity and co-creation for the upcoming Bright Future Club Community gathering on November 24th.


This section serves as our central repository for all relevant information, insights, and ideas as we jointly shape the frames of the day. Add this as a bookmark to your web browser for easy access.


Feel free to take a look around and contribute as much as you'd like. Your input and expertise are invaluable to the success of this endeavor. Feel free to contribute to the various sections, share your thoughts, and add resources.


I look forward to our joint creation.


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